Kybella Effects: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

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A growing number of people are using Kybella as a treatment to reduce fat deposits in certain body parts. Fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise can be removed using the process. However, Kybella comes with side effects, including swelling and slight pain.

This post focuses on the effects of Kybella – the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

Kybella: A Summary

The non-surgical, minimally invasive fat reduction procedure Kybella is the first of its kind. This injectable substance burns the fat cells in the area where it is injected. As a non-surgical alternative to surgical liposuction, Kybella is the first ever.

It can be considered a non-surgical way to permanently remove fat from many body parts and is frequently referred to as “liquid liposuction.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the procedure; it is safe. With permanent results, little recovery time, and no scarring, it is quick and convenient, taking only a few minutes to complete.

How Kybella Works

Injectable lipolysis is the term used to describe this kind of operation. The name refers to a technique for dissolving fat that involves an injection.

Deoxycholic acid, Kybella’s main component, makes it so effective. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the digestive system. This bile acid’s only function is to emulsify and break down dietary fat in the colon so the body can absorb it.

If deoxycholic acid is injected into specific locations, it will destroy fatty tissue cells. The body gradually eliminates the fat cells until they are eliminated from your system after the deoxycholic acid kills them.

When a specialist injects Kybella under your chin, it kills fat cells, which reduces the appearance of a double chin. Only this application of Kybella has FDA approval.

Four Kybella injections at least a month apart is the best approach for the best results. However, two treatments are given to most patients. There should be a 4 to 6 weeks gap between treatments.

Many people choose Kybella because it is a non-surgical way to get rid of extra chin fat. It is less dangerous and requires less recovery time than surgeries.

The Effects of Kybella

The primary function of Kybella is to tone a localized area filled with fat cell concentrations. However, the treatment also comes with other effects, some of which may be unwanted.

The Unwanted Side Effects of Kybella

Although Kybella can have adverse effects, the majority are brief and minor. You might have swelling, slight discomfort, numbness, bleeding, itching, redness, mild bruising, headache, nausea, or hard skin developing at the injection site. Although the majority of these side effects go away in about two weeks, you may have them for up to a month after the injections.

Swelling could be a sign that an infection is starting. Swelling should only last for about a couple of weeks to a month. If it persists beyond that, you may have an infection in your hands.

Although uncommon, infection is a severe consequence that calls for prompt medical care. You must keep a close eye on your situation and be alert for increasing or emerging symptoms.

The following are signs of more severe complications:

  • Necrosis (skin tissue damage) (skin tissue damage)
  • weakened facial muscles
  • unsteady smile
  • Having trouble breathing
  • difficulty swallowing
  • hair loss near the injection site
  • With or without drainage, open sores
  • Ulcers

Call your healthcare provider as soon as you notice any of the severe side effects described.

In addition to the above adverse effects, allergic responses to Kybella are also possible. The following are signs of an allergic reaction:

  • Rashes
  • uncomfortable red welts
  • Itching
  • signs of asthma
  • Wheezing
  • Dizziness

Additionally, Kybella can seriously harm the veins and arteries if it is accidentally injected there. It is best to visit a specialist to avoid such issues.

You can take action to reduce the common side effects of Kybella. These actions will not prevent the side effects but will help alleviate them. These actions comprise:

  • Using cold remedies right away after treatment
  • Using warm compresses as soon as possible after the injection
  • Before the injections, take an over-the-counter antihistamine pill
  • Using acetaminophen to treat pain (other painkillers have blood-thinning properties which lead to more severe bruising)
  • Adding extra compression to the submental region by using chin straps (double chin)
  • After the procedure, gently rub the treated area

Kybella Recovery Period

Kybella, unfortunately, requires a recovery period. Fortunately, the recovery time is shorter than it is for other fat-reduction procedures like liposuction. You should avoid meaningful social engagements if you have swelling or bruising.

The good news is that the bruising or swelling won’t last very long.

When to See the Results

Most patients claim that four to six weeks after their initial Kybella injection, they start to experience improvements. Deoxycholic acid requires time to emulsify fat cells, and the body needs time to eliminate those cells.

However, the length of time you require before the outcomes become apparent may vary depending on how the severity of your case. People with more fat may need more time and therapy sessions to get the desired results. Speaking of treatment sessions, you would likely require multiple injections to achieve the desired look.

Most patients require four to six Kybella injections under their chins to fully experience the procedure, which should be permanent. The shots should be administered two to four weeks apart. You’ll see the fat deposits gradually thinning and leaning out as you get the injections you need.

Kybella Results Length

You should be able to enjoy a treatment region free of fat once the recommended number of injections for your condition has been reached. The effects of Kybella are long-lasting. These fat cells will never return once the injection has eliminated the fat from the treated area.

That does not, however, ensure that the treated area will never again store fat. If you significantly gain weight, your body might deposit a fresh batch of fat cells where the Kybella injections were made. The obstinate localized area, however, will continue to be negligible as long as you keep a healthy weight and avoid storing large amounts of fat quickly.

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